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2017 newest shuangye 26"folding used electric bicycle hub motor G4






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New Electric Bike Carbon Fiber Frame

New Electric Bike

This is a New Electric Bike beyond the modern concept, the body made of ultra-light quality carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials,but also both the soft processing of textile fibers.

New Electric Bike is less than the weight of steel 1/4, but the intensity is very strong.And New Electric Bike’s corrosion resistance outstanding, is a new generation of enhanced fiber.

The And the general metal frame manufacturing process is not the same,carbon fiber frame is generally the first production of mold, and then pay on the mold carbon fiber,and finally with epoxy resin for bonding. This process can be made using aerodynamics of the very small frame.There is weight loss is the main means of electric vehicles to solve the endurance, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials is the best way to solve the weight loss.

New Electric Bike of 36V bottle lithium battery, with carbon fiber ultra-light frame, so that our car can reach the maximum battery life.
We design a triangular frame, the use of triangular stability principle, to enhance the stability of the car, you can improve the car’s load factor.

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